Kevin – 2013

December 26, 2013 Kevin went for his scheduled ultrasound appointment today at 11:00. It was pretty uneventful. He couldn’t eat or drink 8 hours before and once we arrived to TCH it seemed to be the least crowded we’ve seen it. I don’t think the entire appointment even lasted 45 […]

Kevin – 2012

November 16, 2012 Kevin and I saw Dr. Mehta on Election Day November 6! She said to pick the next holiday to have the check up so he wouldn’t miss any school. I actually took my camera with me since it was a “well” visit and we have come so […]

Ode to the Ode

Where are all the odes coming from anyway?! And all in one night. Kevin was comparing and contrasting Ode to a Nightingale with Ode to the West Wind when all of a sudden Caleigh popped up with an ode she said she had written in class earlier. She is so […]

Done. I’m Fine Dying On This Hill.

Just trying to lighten her load. Checked out the back pack contents. Tired of surprise assignments and asking the question, “so, when did you know about this___________?” (Fill in that blank with worksheet, quiz, test, homework, book report, project) Imagining and hoping beyond hoping that it is all sketched out […]

Twenty-Five Twenty-Fifths

We have been married twenty-five years! Yes, we celebrated it on March 4, 2014, and were able to get away touring some east coast cites earlier this fall, but I figured why not continue the twenty fives with our Christmas card this year. I started a rough draft before March […]