Remember This Titan

Five down; one to go. That flashed across my mind as I walked up our driveway stacked with vehicles! And that sixth one knows all. She doesn’t even want a car ever because of how much she will be “made to do!” I am remembering sitting around a scrapbook table hearing a conversation about a service available to parents of teens to follow them and report anything questionable. We all agreed: who needs this when we’ve got the mom network?!? So I’m putting this out there…remember this Titan! Remember him if you see him on the road; remember him in prayer; remember this mom is counting on you remembering this Titan!

… what I remember is that drive home from the hospital with each child. How really regular it was for anyone sharing the road with us those days. Yet, not so regular for us. Does everyone know exactly what this car is carrying? Yesterday Keith asked if I wanted to just take our car from the lot we bought the Titan and meet them at home. No!?! I’m following you guys home. What was he thinking. For one, I’m not missing this moment, and for two, well, I cant miss it because, well…I am kind of just gonna say it: I was needed to join with his angels to help protect him from behind; if only for this one particular voyage! I can’t follow him every day everywhere. I already called on Him and y’all for that. And of course everyone wanted to ride in the old new truck; so, I not only could follow behind but also ‘prayer drive’ the entire way. (Like the back to school prayer walk only driving) I even got a couple of great shots at red lights! But as we drove, I looked around. People were just driving like it was another regular day. Driving their regular old way. Don’t they know it’s not a regular day?

The shot of the truck driving away numbs me. It is up there in my emotions as when they walk out that door for college. It’s just numbing. My world stops spinning. The moment is filled with a combination of trust and pride. Everyone explored the truck. Kevin drove Cole and Tiffany around the block. My favorite part of this exploring is the name they assigned the windows and locks. I heard Kevin say they are voice activated. Cole smiled and followed with, like my voice activated ones? His jeep has exactly the same locks and window roll downers! Hey, unlock that door. Or roll down that window! Yep. That voice activated…

He was ready to go to Jimmy Johns and fetch us dinner on his own. As we were walking up Cole said don’t let him go alone yet…maybe I’m not the only one struggling with letting go. Or perhaps it was the way Kevin finagled his way down the street barely missing lawn service men and their trailers! All I know is looking back I am glad I rode along to Jimmy Johns. He was backing out and had the slightest bit of contact with the vehicle parked next to us. Of which the owner was somewhere in one of the shops. So we waited. My prayers were already answered. The person was very understanding. We worked through it. Drove home. Kevin and Tiffany were tallying their accidents. Tiffany is possibly at seven. Kevin was like I’m at one and I’m done. Good one. Kevin, good one.

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July 2: Such A Good Day


I proclaimed last night that tomorrow was our anniversary of our first date! Keith was like how do you remember these things, and I was like how can you NOT?! But Tiffany was excited. At least until she heard my answer to her question where did we go…no telling what she was conjuring up in her sweet little head (I take that back, I can imagine exactly what was in there!) but the look on her face as I said–to this drum and bugle corps at Airline high school said she wasn’t that impressed at all! However, after looking through some keepsakes earlier today I found this beauty! I know she will adore this hand made sentiment from my then beau who after six months of jogging around my house got up the nerve to ask me out for our first date unbelievably thirty-one years ago today, July 2, 1982. Earlier today he texted and asked me out!!! I searched drum and bugle corps events in the area and couldn’t find one:( I mentioned it to him and he actually said, “thank goodness!” What!? Glad I didn’t find one and get tickets…who knew!?

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The Nanny and The Intern


They have jobs! Tiffany is loving being a nanny, and Cole just started his internship with HMT. We actually had a hilarious night celebrating (always an excuse NOT to cook) and decided that Cole might just be in the wrong profession. Because, after minutes of being seated at the restaurant and apparently not in the seat he would prefer he announced that we all had in our inbox “The Rules of Restaurants!” I am fetching them to paste here:

“Rules of restaurants

#1 Cole sits in chair closest to a corner. See footnote 1.

#2 If in booth, Cole sits on the inside closest to wall. (Rule 1 still applies).

#3 When Cole is done eating, family has 15 minutes to finish before Cole rages. 20 minutes for members outside immediate family.

#4 Mother and Das Frabz must sit together/very near each other. See footnote 2.

#5 Mexican restaurants may only be chosen once a month. See footnote 3.

#6 Questionable conversations (bodily function stories) will be discussed before or after dinner. See footnote 3.

#7 Cole reserves the right to make any changes to this list of rules for restaurants.


1.) Cole will only sit in spots where he can still see what’s going on around the room. It freaks Cole out knowing strangers (with knives and forks) are behind him in stabbing distance.

2.) Mom and Das Frabz talk too much and too loud.

3.) Obvious reasons.

Please read and obey.


Cole Troutman
Sent from my iPhone”

He actually had to resend the rules after I shared a hilarious word picture that was mentioned during my last Sunday School class involving three diapers and the phrase soft serve ice cream! All I know is that it was a perfect turning of the tables for the boys in my life. They did not think it was as funny as we girls did! Side still hurting…

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Waking Up Sixteen Today

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Impaled The King


Even though it was a hundred and two degrees outside, Kevin was excited we were able to grab a “median” flag route! Thirty three flags on TC Jester medians–done. We are returning veteran band flaggers. We know the ropes. Get there early… Better route choices. Only this go round we also got these new signs. Ones to be placed on the medians to advertise where to get a flag subscription. All I know is I didn’t do it. But when I opened the door to get the ad sign…it was impaled into the passenger door’s speaker. Yikes! Keith’s King Ranch not even three months old has been marred. But, no fear. Kevin unimpaled it then performed a sound check. Here’s how he did it. And yes. It reminds me of the comedian Brian Regan’s “whelp here’s what the whales are saying…Charlie figured it out!” He faded the sound all the way to the back and turned it up and said, “We’re good to go!” I made him take a picture of it so I could study it very closely to see if maybe, just maybe, Keith will ever be able to tell. Practically impossible and for the record, he actually loaded the signs…just saying. Plus he is still blogless and facebookless has twitter but doesn’t know it. (Tiffany wanted another follower…)

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Lady Bug Brain Bust

Today is the first day of summer! While the teens of the house are still sleeping Caleigh was dressed as a lady bug and ready to play her home made fraction and decimal board game “Brain Bust” all before 8am. Her creativity might just be the end of me! Not to mention as we are playing I have no idea even if the answers are correct! Sounds like “the brothers” will need to play her to check her math…she is also working on a plan to read the Bible. She is offering me for every chapter she finishes to stay up 10 minutes past her bedtime and for each book she finishes she gets a trip to a park. Sounds like a plan to me! (All this from the girl who when I was waking her for her last day of school yesterday and asked did she know what day it was replied: Arbor Day!?)


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“Drama Queen” a poem by Caleigh


Caleigh penned this about a month ago on our way to AWANA. I remember when I started this blog because Ruth made me how much fun Cole had calling me blogger beth and hollering out when I would be backing out of the drive that if I did not return he would carry on the blog! But I would say maybe it will be Caleigh instead I leave it to! She wrote this poem because she says writing makes her feel better. I will say that when I saw it I knew it was a treasure and will admit it has been MIA for at least a month. She tells me often of drama on the playground and drama on the bus and yes even drama on the block! But she has a sweetness and it pours out in this poem that I see her walking out each day. I like to ask questions when she gets in from school. Who did you sit with at lunch today? What did you play at recess? (Those who know me also know I have been known to grab a lunch and park where I can see the playground without my children knowing…I just miss them ok!) Anyway, usually the after school questioning lends itself to great insights. She has a heart and an instinct for those hurting. I can tell when she tells me what she did or who she played with that she was reaching out to someone who just needed a friend. Somehow she picks up on body language and senses a hurt or maybe even just a situation where one is left out due to normal consequences and she will step in. She has started drama; she also has been on the other end of others’ drama. Who hasn’t!? And usually those involved have forgotten about it in a day or so or hugged and giggled their friendships back. So here it is in case the photo is not clear minus the squigglies but definitely keeping her spelling:

“Drama Queen by Caleigh 9 years old”

“I know lots of drama queens
They giggle a laugh all day.
They will act like nothing’s wrong,
But they won’t stay long to play.
Be a good example
You might think there still the same,
But if you are a good best friend
You might just see a change.”

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