The Car

Every year for as long as our kids have been in AWANA they have entered a car in the race. We have had everything from sporty cars, snowmen, skateboard, fire trucks and rainbows to Caleigh’s car this year—Texas Children’s Hospital. She originally wanted the Statue of Liberty. Then one day out of nowhere she said out loud, “I know what I want my car to be! Not the Statue of Liberty—yeah for Keith I was thinking—but something for Christopher!” She was so excited! So I said oh, something like a train or pirate ship? She said no: I want to make Texas Children’s Hospital. And I knew this would be her best race car. It isn’t about the race. The speed. The design. It’s about how much she cares for her little buddy Christopher. She even wanted each member of their family’s picture on the car as if they were in the window of the hospital. She was the cutest thing looking at the family’s pictures. She could hardly decide which one to pick. My favorite comment I heard her say was, “I could just look at these all day!” We love this family like our own. We are thrilled with the healing He is bringing to Christopher, and we know He will be faithful to completely heal Christopher of his EOE. And everyone at the race will walk away with a prayer in their heart for this little guy.

Christopher’s sayings she wanted on the bottom is a perfect way to pray for him. He will say, “no doctor” “no heart” “no shot” “I all better”! Pray for continued healing him:) We love you Christopher!


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