One Of Those Calls

There is a reason I have different ring and text tones for my kids and Keith. Today I heard “You’ll be in my heart…” So one thing is certain: it’s Tiffany calling. What she has to say is the uncertain thing. For sure she rings the most out of my entire family! And usually it is to fill me in. I get a surge of fabulous details that I love and live for! And then a quick….I gotta go mom. Just wanted to touch base. And the conversation is over as quickly as it started.

And I have to give it to Cole on this one because he called it. But on occasion it is one of those calls. I hear something like this: Ok so I pulled into the Health Science Center…went in…hopped back out and backed out of the spot but mentioned that those concrete stops at the front of some parking spaces had like a “nail” sticking up and it stuck in her bumper and when she backed up it pulled her bumper off! But she was stuck there because it still was connected by a cord. And I’m like can you send a picture!

She was wanting ME to tell her what to do!? I am envisioning a story of Keith’s mom and sister hitting a car in a parking lot. Picking up the bumper and putting it in their trunk then running in the house asking if the police came yet! They were sent back to the scene with the said bumper and lucky for them the vehicle was still there so they just placed the bumper right back on, I would say here: gently?!?

So that is my knowledge of what to do when a bumper comes off. And this is conjuring up in my mind. But this is a self inflicted bumper mishap! I was like just put it in your trunk for now! All the while checking to see if she talked to her dad yet! Of course she called him first. Good move there Tiffany. But no answer and she was in full blown panic so no time for patience here. I told her I would blitz him and called both numbers and sent this to his text and email: “Tiffany’s car front bumper got stuck to parking cement thing. As she backed up it pulled part of bumper off. She is literally stuck. What to do”

He called me laughing so hard. I was like wait have you already spoken to her? He said no so I said hang up and call her now. Without laughing! She isn’t thinking this is funny yet!

And then we got the photos!



Yeah, Sweetie, that’s not a bumper that’s like the entire front end of your car! Keith said at least we taught the kids to never half do something! I could call this post “the 900 dollar park.” It’s what this will cost when it’s all over to get the front end back on. Anyone out there want to add big wheels with hydraulic lift to a Mazda 3!?

What I can’t quit laughing about is that she actually called the police! Before us! Yikes! Like you are calling the police on yourself! I don’t think there is a ticket for this…is there?

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