Twenty And One

July 2: Such A Good Day

I proclaimed last night that tomorrow was our anniversary of our first date! Keith was like how do you remember these things, and I was like how can you NOT?! But Tiffany was excited. At least until she heard my answer to her question where did we go…no telling what […]

Happy Twenty Four!

Happy Anniversary Keith! I started this a couple of days ago and you’d be surprised how long it actually takes to get it uploaded and going between carpool, concerts, practices. When I told Kevin what I was doing he said shouldn’t I save that for the 25th! I said seeing […]

Checking Out of Life

We headed to this years couples retreat in my new mini cooper convertible! Last year we sat on the dock and a hip young couple took our picture because we couldn’t quite get it but this year I half way got it! At least I captured the beach and the […]

Rockin’ on the Dock

Keith and I got to get away for our church’s couples retreat at the end of October. We have been married for 21 years. Hence the name of this new category. Twenty And One. Kind of basketbally too. So here we were sitting on the dock of the bay (am […]