Toaster Strudel Messaging

And I had such good intentions! Had that creative juice flowing this morning. Or rather…toaster strudel icing! I wanted to surprise Caleigh and show her how much we support her trying out for the DI at her school again this year. So I wrote with the tiny icing packs “Good Luck at DI” with “Good” for Good and for “luck” I thought I was drawing a horseshoe…looks more like a smiley face! So I was thinking how-with-it would I be using the actual “@” sign for “at” (!) and lastly “DI”…yeah, well…she came down; took one look at it, and said: you know you’re not suppose to put the icing on before you put them in the toaster, right? I was like–I didn’t! This IS after, but it still melted! (For those on twitter #toasterstrudeldesignprobs #thisisserious #greatday!) And here is what she said happily that ties this entire moment to her Big Daddy who she actually never even met–it’s close enough mom. Close enough. Keith’s dad frequently used that phrase and just hearing it always lightened the moment. It spoke volumes. Just like the head nods and faces he made did in his silent communication that you got ONE shot at getting! Anyway, we love to say it especially after really messing up a word choice or situation. Close enough! So I hugged her closely whispering, that is so Big Daddy. She is carrying a part of the one she never met close enough.


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  1. Oh, how sweet, Beth! I love it! Made me shed a tear. Boy, you pegged Big Daddy exactly. Haha. That IS so Big Daddy! I notice Roland also has picked up his “close enough.” πŸ™‚

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