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Ode to the Ode

Where are all the odes coming from anyway?! And all in one night. Kevin was comparing and contrasting Ode to a Nightingale with Ode to the West Wind when all of a sudden Caleigh popped up with an ode she … Continue reading

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Done. I’m Fine Dying On This Hill.

Just trying to lighten her load. Checked out the back pack contents. Tired of surprise assignments and asking the question, “so, when did you know about this___________?” (Fill in that blank with worksheet, quiz, test, homework, book report, project) Imagining … Continue reading

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The Car

Every year for as long as our kids have been in AWANA they have entered a car in the race. We have had everything from sporty cars, snowmen, skateboard, fire trucks and rainbows to Caleigh’s car this year—Texas Children’s Hospital. … Continue reading

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Create Space!

Caleigh has taken over the study area outside of the boys rooms since we can remember. She calls it her office. It has always been her happy place but I wouldn’t say it was a happy space in the sense … Continue reading

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Toaster Strudel Messaging

And I had such good intentions! Had that creative juice flowing this morning. Or rather…toaster strudel icing! I wanted to surprise Caleigh and show her how much we support her trying out for the DI at her school again this … Continue reading

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Oh To Be Ten Again!

The midget is ten! Oh, but wait! Tiffany, Cole, and Kevin are all acting like they are ten again! She opened her presents and they each had to jump on the Flicker and the Ripstick…testing them…but the testing went on … Continue reading

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Lady Bug Brain Bust

Today is the first day of summer! While the teens of the house are still sleeping Caleigh was dressed as a lady bug and ready to play her home made fraction and decimal board game “Brain Bust” all before 8am. … Continue reading

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