Not You Too Cole! Happy Twenty!

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I know what you’re thinking Cole. Really, I do. Probably exactly what I am thinking now that I have your life in birthdays in a thirty-one page book. Who wants this!? Who invited that kid!? It isn’t so much for you as it is therapy for me! Okay!?! This year was much easier than last year, but I have been walking around all day with my heart exposed. It is just the strangest thing to know it’s your birthday, but the house here has no presents in front of the couch! We sent them all to you…and you better want them…and love them…and maybe just maybe let me hear the scream from Lubbock? Never mind, Tiffany will handle that part for you.

We missed you all day! It was a thrill to get a face time request from you even if it was only because you wanted to watch Liverpool and you don’t get that channel! Me and dad just sat in our little sitting room behind the music rack that dad placed the iPad on facing the Liverpool game and absolutely loved it!!! (I scrapbooked that too by the way! I think you even heard the camera click!) A couple of sentences that have echoed around in my empty heart all day that you said all the time when you were little: “I pay ballgame” for I play ballgame and “I read ‘dis” for I read this pointing to your Bible. We’d ask so where do you want your birthday? Only for you to reply: I Pay Ballgame! We are praising the Lord for you Cole!

And, hey….the night is young…pay ballgame!

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