Ode to the Ode

Where are all the odes coming from anyway?! And all in one night. Kevin was comparing and contrasting Ode to a Nightingale with Ode to the West Wind when all of a sudden Caleigh popped up with an ode she said she had written in class earlier. She is so proud of if. Who knows years from now maybe she will slip between the pages with Keats and Shelley in the literature books…

Ode Poem
My IPad Mini
By Caleigh Troutman

She waits on the kitchen table
A small dent
On her top right corner
From when she bounced out of my arms

Her text tone is so quiet & humble
But her games are so loud
Her structure is so small
She was built for me

She is a diamond
In the center of a necklace
Bright and shimmering
always to catch an eye

Shiny and new
Sounded like a lullaby
Singing my favorite song
In my room

Now she and I share memories
In which I will never forget
And when I’m lonely
She is right there

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