Done. I’m Fine Dying On This Hill.

Just trying to lighten her load. Checked out the back pack contents. Tired of surprise assignments and asking the question, “so, when did you know about this___________?” (Fill in that blank with worksheet, quiz, test, homework, book report, project) Imagining and hoping beyond hoping that it is all sketched out in the pages of her planner.

Then invariable I say, let’s pull out the agenda. I cannot make eye contact at this point because I cannot decide if I like the all telling look she cannot hide or if I’d just rather find it out by turning the pages of the agenda to…nothing. I might prefer the blank agenda pages to her face only because it gives me time to get mine checked. Nothing written that agendas are for keeping up with is ever really found.

We have had an agenda in her life since about the second grade. It’s been a battle ever since. All manner of people can speak up to the agenda: counselor, teacher, parent, brother, sister. Oh, that sister keeps an agenda! Even gave one on one sessions and showed her hers pointing out the importance of planning ahead. It’s all a distant dream to this kid! Take one look at these pages and you’ve seen them all.


But she does schedule and plan ahead for what is most important in her life: FUN and CHURCH!!! So I told her we are leaving this thing at home. Eh, it will lighten her load. Who am I kidding? She brings the entire contents of her locker home everyday anyway because it works. It’s all about the tangible. We have it. We can touch it. She makes excellent grades. She’s just not an agenda girl. And I’m done trying to make her be. Officially and completely done. (Franklin Covey Keith—when you read this you KNOW I’m right!)

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