The Nanny and The Intern


They have jobs! Tiffany is loving being a nanny, and Cole just started his internship with HMT. We actually had a hilarious night celebrating (always an excuse NOT to cook) and decided that Cole might just be in the wrong profession. Because, after minutes of being seated at the restaurant and apparently not in the seat he would prefer he announced that we all had in our inbox “The Rules of Restaurants!” I am fetching them to paste here:

“Rules of restaurants

#1 Cole sits in chair closest to a corner. See footnote 1.

#2 If in booth, Cole sits on the inside closest to wall. (Rule 1 still applies).

#3 When Cole is done eating, family has 15 minutes to finish before Cole rages. 20 minutes for members outside immediate family.

#4 Mother and Das Frabz must sit together/very near each other. See footnote 2.

#5 Mexican restaurants may only be chosen once a month. See footnote 3.

#6 Questionable conversations (bodily function stories) will be discussed before or after dinner. See footnote 3.

#7 Cole reserves the right to make any changes to this list of rules for restaurants.


1.) Cole will only sit in spots where he can still see what’s going on around the room. It freaks Cole out knowing strangers (with knives and forks) are behind him in stabbing distance.

2.) Mom and Das Frabz talk too much and too loud.

3.) Obvious reasons.

Please read and obey.


Cole Troutman
Sent from my iPhone”

He actually had to resend the rules after I shared a hilarious word picture that was mentioned during my last Sunday School class involving three diapers and the phrase soft serve ice cream! All I know is that it was a perfect turning of the tables for the boys in my life. They did not think it was as funny as we girls did! Side still hurting…

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