Oh To Be Ten Again!

The midget is ten! Oh, but wait! Tiffany, Cole, and Kevin are all acting like they are ten again! She opened her presents and they each had to jump on the Flicker and the Ripstick…testing them…but the testing went on and on and on….it is true you can get away with acting as old as your youngest sibling! I had four ten year olds in the house last night! Anyway, ten years ago today in Anchorage, Alaska, July 15, 2003, and at 6:14 pm weighing 9 pounds and 3 ounces Caleigh Brooke was born! And we can truly say, “For this child, we prayed!” 1 Samuel 1:27a…and that is a we “we!” I just had to go gather a few sweet shots from the past. Who even needs newborn clothes when their is a sister in the house who loves American Girl dolls? I remember Kevin even had me bring her to school for him to stand up in front of the class with her as his very first show and tell in the first grade! It may not show so much in the everyday, Caleigh, but these guys are crazy about you…Have a Happy 10th Birthday!!!

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