Impaled The King


Even though it was a hundred and two degrees outside, Kevin was excited we were able to grab a “median” flag route! Thirty three flags on TC Jester medians–done. We are returning veteran band flaggers. We know the ropes. Get there early… Better route choices. Only this go round we also got these new signs. Ones to be placed on the medians to advertise where to get a flag subscription. All I know is I didn’t do it. But when I opened the door to get the ad sign…it was impaled into the passenger door’s speaker. Yikes! Keith’s King Ranch not even three months old has been marred. But, no fear. Kevin unimpaled it then performed a sound check. Here’s how he did it. And yes. It reminds me of the comedian Brian Regan’s “whelp here’s what the whales are saying…Charlie figured it out!” He faded the sound all the way to the back and turned it up and said, “We’re good to go!” I made him take a picture of it so I could study it very closely to see if maybe, just maybe, Keith will ever be able to tell. Practically impossible and for the record, he actually loaded the signs…just saying. Plus he is still blogless and facebookless has twitter but doesn’t know it. (Tiffany wanted another follower…)

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