July 2: Such A Good Day


I proclaimed last night that tomorrow was our anniversary of our first date! Keith was like how do you remember these things, and I was like how can you NOT?! But Tiffany was excited. At least until she heard my answer to her question where did we go…no telling what she was conjuring up in her sweet little head (I take that back, I can imagine exactly what was in there!) but the look on her face as I said–to this drum and bugle corps at Airline high school said she wasn’t that impressed at all! However, after looking through some keepsakes earlier today I found this beauty! I know she will adore this hand made sentiment from my then beau who after six months of jogging around my house got up the nerve to ask me out for our first date unbelievably thirty-one years ago today, July 2, 1982. Earlier today he texted and asked me out!!! I searched drum and bugle corps events in the area and couldn’t find one:( I mentioned it to him and he actually said, “thank goodness!” What!? Glad I didn’t find one and get tickets…who knew!?

Categories: Twenty And One

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  1. Awwww! I love every bit of this, but most of all the state-of-the art computer printout! It only just occurred to me that this generation has never wrestled with that stupid holey paper…. Oh, but the formal text today is a close second; very well done, Sir.

    Happy Date-iversary!

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