The Twisty Stairs: Un-Necessary

Have you ever gone up to the loft without using the steps was the question of the Labor Day weekend–apparently. Even though I never even heard it so much as spoken. Oh, maybe because I was digging kitty litter type Lubbock sand out of the garbage disposal with my bare hands! All I know is a week and a phone call and huge laughter later I hear Keith’s side of the conversation: “Ok. I’ll tell him!” I had to ask. Had to. What was all that about. Maybe just maybe I didn’t need to know. The once two year old: no fear toddler with feet that ran quick to mischief son of mine emerged again! Apparently the big brother cannot nor will not let the little brother be disappointed. All I know is after Kevin asked if he ever made it up to the loft without using the twisty loft stairs and heard Cole’s, no, for a reply–the disappointed look was all it took! First. Who even knew this kid could love these so much:




So with the above photos of the many ways he scales the twisty steps the video I’ve been learning to embed while watching the Texans almost lose their first game this season will give a bit of clarity???

And there we have it…good grief. Didn’t they just pick up a check for the refunded security deposit! Lets keep it secure Cole. Use the twisty stairs!

(If the video doesn’t play well…head over to my Instagram. The games over people. It’s late!)

And I might also add after little brother watched the video of big brother he was heard saying his big brother could be the next American Ninja Warrior. Disappointment. Obliterated.

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