“Drama Queen” a poem by Caleigh


Caleigh penned this about a month ago on our way to AWANA. I remember when I started this blog because Ruth made me how much fun Cole had calling me blogger beth and hollering out when I would be backing out of the drive that if I did not return he would carry on the blog! But I would say maybe it will be Caleigh instead I leave it to! She wrote this poem because she says writing makes her feel better. I will say that when I saw it I knew it was a treasure and will admit it has been MIA for at least a month. She tells me often of drama on the playground and drama on the bus and yes even drama on the block! But she has a sweetness and it pours out in this poem that I see her walking out each day. I like to ask questions when she gets in from school. Who did you sit with at lunch today? What did you play at recess? (Those who know me also know I have been known to grab a lunch and park where I can see the playground without my children knowing…I just miss them ok!) Anyway, usually the after school questioning lends itself to great insights. She has a heart and an instinct for those hurting. I can tell when she tells me what she did or who she played with that she was reaching out to someone who just needed a friend. Somehow she picks up on body language and senses a hurt or maybe even just a situation where one is left out due to normal consequences and she will step in. She has started drama; she also has been on the other end of others’ drama. Who hasn’t!? And usually those involved have forgotten about it in a day or so or hugged and giggled their friendships back. So here it is in case the photo is not clear minus the squigglies but definitely keeping her spelling:

“Drama Queen by Caleigh 9 years old”

“I know lots of drama queens
They giggle a laugh all day.
They will act like nothing’s wrong,
But they won’t stay long to play.
Be a good example
You might think there still the same,
But if you are a good best friend
You might just see a change.”

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