Such A Sweet Mommy Moment

Pulled out all of my @MomsInPrayer self praying with Caleigh for her Star test she takes today and just the sweetest thing happened during our prayer together. She reached up and hugged me and kissed the top of my head; in that moment I was shown yet again how powerful […]

Thanksgiving Drawer

Well, Caleigh, today was not one of your best Thanksgivings being spent in the ER which could have been avoided if you just would not have gotten sick on a day when the town shuts down! However, I did randomly find this picture tonight! I have been looking for it […]

Caleigh’s Fish Tale

I hate Tuesday folders. Yep, hate. It’s too much information in such a small package and on a terrible and usually much too busy to deal with that much stuff kind of day! But on a rare occasion I run across one of these gems. It’s Caleigh’s first writing. Well, […]

And How She Builds

Here lately it seems every where I turn there is another Caleigh original. I can’t sneak them out fast enough to recycle before she is cranking out yet another one. And they are getting bigger! It’s to the point that she will miss them when they are gone. I had […]

Obi-Wan Kebabs

Kevin is what we are calling the hungry train with no caboose in sight ever since he started on steroids! He loved helping me in the kitchen making these. He did everything from planning to cutting and kabobbing! We actually did discover something the cut-co knives will not cut easily–corn […]

Gator Girl

Today was Caleigh’s 3rd swim meet to participate in and I think she’s got it:) Last week she was to swim 3 strokes or events and I dont know whether it was her nerves or the heat but she just swam in 1. So let me put it like this….she […]

The Cookies Are Here

Claeigh sold a lot of cookies and we are still sorting them in my dining room. So as I walked into this site this morning my thought was…this can’t be good! It’s classic though! Shred the wrapping. Devour the contents. Don’t throw the evidence away. Busted. I only hope the […]

i Pad Hangman: seriously!?

He gets to play i pad hangman with Caleigh on our ice day and the device generates the words. I always get gamer Caleigh without a device and you can imagine what that means. Once we were at the car wash passing time playing hangman and her word phrase was […]


On her snow day off I mean ice day Caleigh hopped up to what she calls her office aka the boys computer homework niche and made this belt. She calls it “Helpers”…and it has pockets with things to do all day in each pocket. Cause she can make lots of […]

Oh The Places She Goes

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry. Caleigh and I went to Kroger and she got sidetracked playing with the produce sack and Ellie ended up on the floor. I was distracted but heard a mom telling her son to pick it up that someone would be looking for her for sure. […]