Meet “Hanrey” or as pronounced Henry Caleigh’s elf on the shelf! Aunt She-O introduced him to us a couple of years ago. This little fellow brings such excitement to our home everyday! If you are within walking distance of our house when she finds him you can hear her screaming…”Hanrey! […]

It’s Time for “The Dillingham”

Today is the day she will stop sucking on those fingers with the help of the dillingham appliance. The teeth on top are shaping into a nice “V” instead of the traditional “U” shape creating chaos. We have tried everything…painting them pretty…she sucked off the pretty…painting them with nasty tasting […]

Caleigh the “arthur”

So, Caleigh’s school had an author visit her school last week.  She has been very inspired.  She told me that she wanted to be an “Arthur.”  The author didn’t read them a book but detailed to her how to write a book.  She was very impressed that the author’s story popped […]

Let the blogs begin!

So, here is my first for real post.  And now months later I’m editing my first for real post.  All I know is that when Tiffany saw my header for the blog she immediately noticed she wasn’t in it.  Well, that’s because she was too focused on getting sunset pictures […]

Finding Her

Ok…so the next thing on the Graduation Day Agenda was…finding her.  So we are in the Reliant Stadium with 793 graduates and their families and we really didn’t have a plan!  One would have been removed from graduation if they so much as found a cell phone or a camera […]