The Send–Off

Now that I know they are headed home I can title this just the send off. Pretty sure it would be the sad send off had it been written a year ago. Who am I kidding. It was a horrible day. I remember one of the toughest of my parenting! A part of my heart was walking out that door! I am pretty sure I am the one who put on both of their “Freshman 15!” I love the look on Cole’s face. It reminds me so much of the brave face he had on one time when he went with Big Daddy and Mam Maw to Toys R Us to pick a prize. He actually picked the scariest dinosaur and was afraid of it but picked it to try NOT to be, but the look in his eyes told me he was just being so brave. Those brave and courageous eyes showed up on this day. I got a glimpse of them. It settled me down just a bit. I knew he would be just fine. And indeed I spent a little time wiping tears now and again at random thoughts, but at some point I had to find my brave eyes too.

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