Such A Sweet Mommy Moment

Pulled out all of my @MomsInPrayer self praying with Caleigh for her Star test she takes today and just the sweetest thing happened during our prayer together. She reached up and hugged me and kissed the top of my head; in that moment I was shown yet again how powerful the praying of God’s word is over her. And of course somewhere in there popped out some me-isms…maybe because she recently signed up to be on her gator swim team I prayed she would just chomp it up and devour it! She chuckled:) But mostly stuck to His words: that He would strengthen her and show her she can do this with His strength having confidence and focus praying Philippians 4:13. The gesture I did is something I sometimes struggle with because of how busy things can be. Hectic chaos. I am feeling happily blessed today and will forever remember my free-spirit-day-dreaming-daughter loving, thanking, agreeing with my prayer. Thank you Lord for Your word…

Categories: Caleigh

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