And How She Builds

Here lately it seems every where I turn there is another Caleigh original. I can’t sneak them out fast enough to recycle before she is cranking out yet another one. And they are getting bigger! It’s to the point that she will miss them when they are gone. I had a nice stack of index cards to replenish my Sunday school class’s supply since we use them for prayer request. I didn’t get them out the door before I rounded the corner and found this:


Soon after that I was summoned up to what use to be the boys computer and homework niche that is now her “office” to help decorate the doll-house-castle she made from boxes that, unfortunately, didn’t get filled with care and sent to the college kids or make it out to recycle. (Which on that front my two are saying to stop with the sending of packages! They said the people at the front know their apartment number and last name! I’m an over sender of care! They reminded me of how much mail they got when they went to a youth kids camp in Alaska. They were still getting mail when they got home!) So we did get some serious coloring and designing done. She spends hours and hours up there and gets really excited when she finds my new hiding place for tape of any kind!


This next one at least finally made it out the door and was being driven all around only it landed in the garage on the ping pong table instead of out in the elements where it can get rained on, soggy and well, you know….Keith thinks we have a future architect on our hands.


I should point out on the index card contraption that she named “Caleigh’s Carnival” that it is OPEN and for Grandma please note your house is just below it and Mam Maw the handicap ramp is designed specifically for you. No one is missing out on this pretend fun!!!

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