Thanksgiving Drawer

Caleigh’s First Thanksgiving in Seward, Alaska

Well, Caleigh, today was not one of your best Thanksgivings being spent in the ER which could have been avoided if you just would not have gotten sick on a day when the town shuts down! However, I did randomly find this picture tonight! I have been looking for it since you have been asking about the Thanksgiving you slept in the drawer. It was your first Thanksgiving and my sister, Patti, and her family were visiting us in Anchorage, Alaska, for Thanksgiving. We called ahead down to Seward, Alaska, and set up a whale watching tour and an overnight stay with the intention that there would be travel cribs available in the rooms and restaurants open in the town after our cruise. Sadly, neither was true. The town was shut down pretty tight by the time we tried to get out and find some turkey, and when we got to the room all the portable cribs were taken–if there were ever portable cribs! But, if you notice…really closely in this precious picture of you sleeping in the drawer, because why not!? you were 4 months old and fit, there in the trash can was our evidence of the Thanksgiving dinner we were blessed with. The only place open was a gas station convenience store which the men in our life brought back the only turkey they could find…turkey lunchables! We were just so thrilled to have food. We really were such Transplant Texans that learned by doing what NOT to do but sure made memories of a lifetime every where we traveled in this last frontier state.  (Only, you are 9 now and am sure now that you’ve seen this picture it will be a memory you will always keep!)

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