Oh The Places She Goes

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Caleigh and I went to Kroger and she got sidetracked playing with the produce sack and Ellie ended up on the floor. I was distracted but heard a mom telling her son to pick it up that someone would be looking for her for sure. Of course I rescued her from their clutches and she questioned me like…so, it belongs to you? My response as the woman sized up me and my 7 year old was “Unfortunately, Yes. I know she is seven but she still carries her around.” I don’t know just how she gets away with it because I cannot tell you how many times I tell her Ellie has to stay home. We almost lost her again! So when I looked down in the buggy at the checkout this just made me smile. Ellie got to experience life inside a produce bag! I could probably have an entire blog of just blankie stories. For now I am practicing blogging on the iPad. For the record I’m not a touch screen person. Oh to have an actual return carriage!

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