i Pad Hangman: seriously!?

He gets to play i pad hangman with Caleigh on our ice day and the device generates the words. I always get gamer Caleigh without a device and you can imagine what that means. Once we were at the car wash passing time playing hangman and her word phrase was “quality service!” I think that round didn’t just hang me but dug the grave and through on the dirt! She also is known to make up car games. Recently she invented “color code.” You have to guess the colors she is thinking of in the order. So her first one was a 5 color code for me to guess…mind you…while driving! I was concentrating and guessing then it dawned on me things on her end seemed variable! Finally out of exasperation she said one of my guesses was correct! After guessing some of my 2 color codes she said, “we should keep them small because it was hard for me to remember the pattern and I kept changing it!” Little stinker! I haven’t put my hands on it yet because if I open our game closet I’m afraid it will turn into an all day organizing project BUT “color code” is simply Master Mind! I really should go dig that game out especially on this iced in day.

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