Obi-Wan Kebabs


Kevin is what we are calling the hungry train with no caboose in sight ever since he started on steroids! He loved helping me in the kitchen making these. He did everything from planning to cutting and kabobbing! We actually did discover something the cut-co knives will not cut easily–corn on the cob. We used every knife in the block and it was ugly but we got em done! Everything was yummy. My favorite was the zucchini. Cole said he was about ready to burn the star wars cookbook:)

Categories: Caleigh, Kevin

2 replies

  1. First time I’ve checked your blog in a few days–and LOL!! Such a creative family, starting with mom. That sounds a lot more fun than the Pei Wei we scarfed down for dinner. Hope Kevin’s putting some lbs back on! A good appetite is a good thing for a young man! Love y’all, praying. 😉

  2. You need to keep this picture handy — I can totally imagine him using it in the intro to his own cookbook someday, at the rate he’s going! He now has the perfect “it all started back when…” story and everything!

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