Kevin – 2013

December 26, 2013 Kevin went for his scheduled ultrasound appointment today at 11:00. It was pretty uneventful. He couldn’t eat or drink 8 hours before and once we arrived to TCH it seemed to be the least crowded we’ve seen it. I don’t think the entire appointment even lasted 45 […]

Kevin – 2012

November 16, 2012 Kevin and I saw Dr. Mehta on Election Day November 6! She said to pick the next holiday to have the check up so he wouldn’t miss any school. I actually took my camera with me since it was a “well” visit and we have come so […]

The Twisty Stairs: Un-Necessary

Have you ever gone up to the loft without using the steps was the question of the Labor Day weekend–apparently. Even though I never even heard it so much as spoken. Oh, maybe because I was digging kitty litter type Lubbock sand out of the garbage disposal with my bare […]

Hide the Green Shirt!

We laughed and laughed about this phrase last night! And poor Keith for following my calendar. Well, he is in my family, and, kind of complains when he misses something so…calendar sync it is. Anyway, last night Keith announced it was Kevin’s picture day tomorrow. I was impressed! Then he […]

Tuba Problems Not A Problem

I’m feeling the freedom! This is a happy day indeed. Our days of deciding or trying to remember if it’s a tuba transport day today before dawn are over. It fits! He also made his very first drive to a friends and back home. And I hate to be one […]

Remember This Titan

Five down; one to go. That flashed across my mind as I walked up our driveway stacked with vehicles! And that sixth one knows all. She doesn’t even want a car ever because of how much she will be “made to do!” I am remembering sitting around a scrapbook table […]