Big Decisions

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July 4, 2012 Kevin went forward during the camp invitation and told the Lord in prayer that he would surrender to His will for his life.  Then, Sunday night after youth testimonies at our church, he prayed and felt the Lord was calling him to preach:)  We called Tiffany to tell her and she wasn’t surprised one bit but we all remembered what I found and put in the slide show above. It was a special week and last night even Cole got up and gave a testimony! After going to camp for 7 years and after each one never giving a testimony even though he made decisions for the Lord too (like being called to support the ones called to preach!), Cole surprised us all by standing up and giving his testimony:) I had only one tissue on me, and I cried it all up just at that! Keith said for me to find the video of Kevin’s 3 year old preaching but it is all I can do to find the pictures especially since he accuses me of having “real time” videos of our kids.  We are so proud of our boys to be willing to listen to His will for their life at 18 and 15 and will continue to pray Proverbs 14:34 for them: “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (The text used by the camp speaker, Charlie Clark, last week.) Kevin wanted me to add that initially he was to be at a huge Nation’s Baseball Tournament check in yesterday for that tournament that was to be played this week, but we found out last minute that it was cancelled because surprisingly not enough teams were in it.  He totally saw it as God’s hand just being all over this:)

My prayer for them for the week of camp I will copy from my prayer notebook because I know how many times I lose those things and this one is digital (!): “July 3, 2012 Dear Lord, You know my heart for my boys at camp this year, please help them to find balance in their life and a genuine relationship with you.  May they do this by first being willing to carve out some time to hear from you in your book.  Draw them to you.  And by being willing to devote their entire life to serving you.  Whether that is by faithful church attendance or serving in a ministry you lead them to.  Grow them in you Lord.”



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