He Got The Boot


Kevin fielded a hard hit ball to third base with his foot instead of his glove at the last tournament he played in and has been complaining that it hurts ever since. (Kevin said when it hit him it sounded like a ball hit with a wooden bat!) We would just ask his number and then go on with our lives. Well, finally we decided it was time to be seen just to rule out anything serious. Especially since doing nothing his pain was at a 4 and walking sent it to between a 6-8. The doctor said it was a stress fracture and he needed to wear a boot but had to be out of baseball for 2 weeks needing physical therapy to help with the swelling since he cannot take a lot of anti inflammatory drugs with his history. I was in the room seeing Kevin hear the information the doctor was giving him and yet this question was asked of me in the car ride home: “Can I still play in Thursday’s game cause Pastor Caleb and Mrs. Ruthy were coming to watch me? I always do better when I’m injured anyway!” Then he proceeded to list all the many injuries he’s had and I have to say he has something there! Even last week at his game that was only 3 days out from the initial injury he “went yard” hitting it over the fence! He told me today that he had to do that to make it around the bases with his foot hurting! I spoke to Keith and told him the doctor said no baseball and he said, well, he might could still play…and I said no way!!! What if he gets hit again and injures it worse then we go to the doctor and he’s like I told you no baseball…Keith replies–well he would still have to treat him! There is no hope! Don’t they know a free ticket to nothing when they see it or am I the only one who longs to be sidelined to nothingness?!?!? Give me the boot! And while we’re at it maybe get the error he received from not throwing the ball once he stopped it taken off his permanent record:) I’m just sayin…

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