Kevin received his letter jacket today! A freezing Texas day at that. Unfortunately it will be what the app always shows tomorrow: 73 and Sunny! He sent me a text from school–for my son this was rare! I think he did so more for me not to scream in the parking lot when he got in the car than to let me know he got it! This was just the quickest picture I could get as he was running in the house. I love that his reflection is in the window. He knew exactly what he wanted on it down to the Bible verse….”The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? (Psalm 118:6 KJV)” I sent the picture to Tiffany and Cole and even Cole replied quickly. Two texts in one day from my boys there is hope in the land. Only here is what Cole sent: llnm
I was too cool to reply that I didn’t know what that meant. Come On. I hear from him and I’m gonna turn around and ask explain!?! I’ll be cut off for days!!! But before I could perplex my brain over it any more and perplex indeed I did, Cole texted again: That’s my pinky held up. Of course, a classic move by this kid who if you were in the same room as he was you would know he means…fancy…but we are miles apart and yet he closed that gap with…llnm…fancy. I love that!!! And we love our Latin letterman!!!

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