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In It By a Sliver

Here’s what I know.  I have been packing up and heading to see family with children for 18 and a half years but am only in the kind of packing up we are doing with one away in college a “sliver” and I get it.  I think it may have […]

It’s Time for “The Dillingham”

Today is the day she will stop sucking on those fingers with the help of the dillingham appliance. The teeth on top are shaping into a nice “V” instead of the traditional “U” shape creating chaos. We have tried everything…painting them pretty…she sucked off the pretty…painting them with nasty tasting […]

Caleigh the “arthur”

So, Caleigh’s school had an author visit her school last week.  She has been very inspired.  She told me that she wanted to be an “Arthur.”  The author didn’t read them a book but detailed to her how to write a book.  She was very impressed that the author’s story popped […]

Let the blogs begin!

So, here is my first for real post.  And now months later I’m editing my first for real post.  All I know is that when Tiffany saw my header for the blog she immediately noticed she wasn’t in it.  Well, that’s because she was too focused on getting sunset pictures […]

Dumpster Diving

Still learning this post and adding images thing! Now I am trying to even out the posts! Getting some under each kid!  Kevin recently had 3 staples put in by Dr. Pope.  He was waiting for me to pick him up after football practice and was the brunt of practical […]

The Suit

We had the best time shopping for the suit if you can imagine that!  Tiffany came home for the weekend just to see Cole all dressed up for the big Homecoming Dinner.

Jeep Clan

Cole and Kevin were taking their first golf lesson in our neighborhood and it was such a beautiful day that Keith decided to attempt to remove the soft top on Cole’s jeep for the first time.  It is a piece of cake to them now.  It really was a lot […]

Welcome Weekend

Well, since I wasn’t blogging when we dropped off Tiffany at Baylor a friend told me I should put those email updates I sent out on here and I think it is a great idea if i can get it to work! So, you may have gotten this in an […]