Dumpster Diving

Still learning this post and adding images thing! Now I am trying to even out the posts! Getting some under each kid!  Kevin recently had 3 staples put in by Dr. Pope.  He was waiting for me to pick him up after football practice and was the brunt of practical joking by a couple of goofy stupid boys and he took a fall and his head hit the corner of the dumpster! All I know is…he called me…said he had a fall…and that there was blood.  Not a good combination to mention to a mother!  We got right into the doctor’s office and his pain turned to absolute pride when he saw the staples.  He made me take the pictures with my phone so he could see what was going on!  Him and his dad headed to the school to get a picture of the dumpster like good “Hardy Boy” detectives!  It did not slow him down in the least.  He practiced and played in the reamaining 2 games and now has the 3 staples taped on a popsicle stick and tucked in his pencil bag.  Dr. Pope said it’s for the baby book…baby’s first staples:)

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