Welcome Weekend

Moving In

Well, since I wasn’t blogging when we dropped off Tiffany at Baylor a friend told me I should put those email updates I sent out on here and I think it is a great idea if i can get it to work! So, you may have gotten this in an email but here it is again! 

Well…it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe due to sheer exhaustion but last night we had her bring everything down to the dining room then backed in the expedition and packed it to the roof then by 1am pillowed our heads til 6am. We were on the road and in Waco by 10:30 this morning. Keith was embarrassed with the amount of stuff we had and kept telling his story of leaving to go to college w 5 towels a pillow and some clothes…yea yea yea…he just knew we would be bringing half of it back. He absolutely ate every last one of those words:) the final and last touch were the 53″ bears we left them as our hugs to them. They loved them and couldn’t believe how well we hid them in the trash bags.

The absolute coolest part was pulling in front of the dorm and being invaded by the baylor community in camo. They took every single item from our car and it was in North Russell 117 before we could find the room ourselves! We unpacked organized set up the tv computers and printer… Breaked  for subway regrouped she and dad picked up text books and the microsoft office suite 2008 for her mac btw for 15 dollars! …installed it then hugged her goodbye. We left her and Ashley with much to still do but relieved. Relieved is a really good word right now.

(Thanks Sandy for the pegboard items and knowledge!)

Beth &  Keith

PS…if you’re ever near the campus you can’t miss spotting their window from the street…its a beautiful glowing green:)

PSS…we did cry but Cole was like …wow mom you cried more than this all last year:)

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