Caleigh the “arthur”

So, Caleigh’s school had an author visit her school last week.  She has been very inspired.  She told me that she wanted to be an “Arthur.”  The author didn’t read them a book but detailed to her how to write a book.  She was very impressed that the author’s story popped right out of her imagination and has since been popping stories out of her imagination!  I organized the upstairs computer niche yesterday and she came in the door…went right up the stairs…and hollered…where’s the paper! I “organized” it…I will have to post her stories somehow:)

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3 Responses to Caleigh the “arthur”

  1. Aisha Khan says:

    Wow! I am impressed! Keep it coming, girl! 🙂

  2. megan says:

    Well, there’s just all kinds of creativity in your house these days!

    I love Caleigh’s enthusiasm. Make way for the “arthur”!

  3. ruth says:

    I, too, want to be an “arthur”…starting with a family blog! Will today be the day?

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