It’s Time for “The Dillingham”

Today is the day she will stop sucking on those fingers with the help of the dillingham appliance. The teeth on top are shaping into a nice “V” instead of the traditional “U” shape creating chaos. We have tried everything…painting them pretty…she sucked off the pretty…painting them with nasty tasting stuff…she sucked until the nasty taste was gone…we put band aids around both fingers…she sucked band aided fingers! I even tried telling her how humiliated she would be and said when you go in second grade all the kids will call you….I know I should have had a better name but was in “parent wing it mode” and out popped “baby suck fingers!” You can hear the boys…mom…”baby suck fingers” that’s all you got! So last night I saw her sucking her fingers and I said I’m not even going to tell you to stop because it is your last night…then I did the evil laugh that Tiff texts and you hear on cute super hero shows…something like “mmmmmwwwwwhhhhaaaa haa haa” and it backfired! She didn’t think it was funny at all! I was rolling and she was running for the tissue box! And her daddy’s arms:) This appliance just makes us 4 for 4 on the orthodontic front…and one less behavior to correct! Wonder does Dr. Jerry have an appliance for first time obedience?

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  1. LOL! I am just dying! the lengths we go to sometimes, huh? I took Yusuf to the eye doctor yesterday, and it is now decided that he DOES need glasses, much to his horror……. 🙂 What will I have to do to get him to wear them? That is the questions! I wish you luck with all that, Beth… It is a hard habit to break. I use to bite my nails, and I remember the horrible tasting nail polish my Mom use to put on my fingers! It didn’t stop me either!

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