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What’s Up With Kevin?

I thought I was posting an update on Kevin on my blog and it automatically pushed to Facebook. But I ended up somehow making an entire page on there and it never pushed itself to fb:) So for now I will leave it as is and just tell those who […]

Band Nerd

Summer is pretty much over for this guy! We spent Saturday getting registered for high school band and it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Only an hour and a half in the line but at the end of the line was uniform fittings! My band nerd:) It’s seriously what […]


Cole has actually been counting down the days until his wisdom teeth were surgically removed because I told him he could play LOTRO while he relaxed and recovered. This morning he was called back at 10. I was called back to sit with him in recovery at 10:35 and cracked […]

Gator Girl

Today was Caleigh’s 3rd swim meet to participate in and I think she’s got it:) Last week she was to swim 3 strokes or events and I dont know whether it was her nerves or the heat but she just swam in 1. So let me put it like this….she […]

Yep, this brought me to tears!

Kevin packed up his books last night and he looked so happy gathering them all up, stacking them in order, and I’ll admit I was first so happy too because he found his entire home set of books in one fail sweep! Then it all hit me silently but the […]

The Pitching Machine

¬†Kevin is throwing curve balls! He has been working on them for a while now, and they finally made it across the plate noticeably at last night’s game.¬† One of the moms noticed his bloody knee and said he was just like that Red Sox pitcher who was pitching and […]

The Cookies Are Here

Claeigh sold a lot of cookies and we are still sorting them in my dining room. So as I walked into this site this morning my thought was…this can’t be good! It’s classic though! Shred the wrapping. Devour the contents. Don’t throw the evidence away. Busted. I only hope the […]

i Pad Hangman: seriously!?

He gets to play i pad hangman with Caleigh on our ice day and the device generates the words. I always get gamer Caleigh without a device and you can imagine what that means. Once we were at the car wash passing time playing hangman and her word phrase was […]


On her snow day off I mean ice day Caleigh hopped up to what she calls her office aka the boys computer homework niche and made this belt. She calls it “Helpers”…and it has pockets with things to do all day in each pocket. Cause she can make lots of […]