Yep, this brought me to tears!


Kevin packed up his books last night and he looked so happy gathering them all up, stacking them in order, and I’ll admit I was first so happy too because he found his entire home set of books in one fail sweep! Then it all hit me silently but the tears poured out and I walked around the kitchen island and wrapped my arms around my gentle giant who after this week’s 8th grade awards was honored for having all A’s All Three years…is going to high school next year. All he could do was holler for his dad and try comforting me telling me he still has 4 days left! At tuck in I asked him what did he want for breakfast since I only, I mean always prepare a breakfast of champions on huge test days and this one being Algebra I needed my breakfast plan and he answered, “hold on…Dad what do you want for breakfast I have a test!” I needed that laugh!  Maybe the tears came because this is what I see when I look at him…clearly I need to get back to blogging to remember all the photo tips!

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  1. Oh…..he is growing up so fast. Seems like yesterday that we moved here and he was a little boy….Can’t believe he will be in high school next year…it is so fun to watch him grow and change… 🙂

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