The Pitching Machine

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 Kevin is throwing curve balls! He has been working on them for a while now, and they finally made it across the plate noticeably at last night’s game.  One of the moms noticed his bloody knee and said he was just like that Red Sox pitcher who was pitching and the spot just kept getting bigger and bigger and he kept pitching and pitching.  Neither of us could remember the pitcher’s name but a text to my Red Sox Nation fans and we had it in seconds…Curt Schilling!  Thank you Juneaus!  And my curve ball to the blog world is after trying and trying to get great pitching pictures inserted into a text box I noticed the little box that said “insert slide show” and too bad for you I figured that thing out!!!!!! Kevin bloodied his knee trying to cut off a runner at the plate.  (He is fine and actually wearing one of Caleigh’s Littlest Pet Shop Bandaids on it now.)

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  1. Awesome! You must be very proud of him. Oh, and I did immediately notice that slide show and think “way to go Beth!”

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