What’s Up With Kevin?

I thought I was posting an update on Kevin on my blog and it automatically pushed to Facebook. But I ended up somehow making an entire page on there and it never pushed itself to fb:) So for now I will leave it as is and just tell those who want his updates to follow this link to my blog and check the tab “What’s Up With Kevin.” Hopefully I won’t need many updates and tech support for bloggers I have found is other bloggers!




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3 Responses to What’s Up With Kevin?

  1. ruth says:

    So updates will be found here and not on fb? right?

    I am a follower and will go to fb if I need to 🙂

    • beth says:

      Yes…I am trying to give great reason behind the yes and it’s not letting me reply??

    • beth says:

      Well hello my friend whose not my friend on fb!!! I had the best intentions of blogging Kevin on my normal home page blog and woke up this morning seeing that it did not “push” to fb. I made a page. Now when I was trying to make a new page in the beginning of my blogging days it took forever! So I just don’t have time or blogger patience to figure it out! So I will just keep hopping on and adding to the page so long way around to answer you…yes. This is where it’s at!

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