Happy Twenty Four!

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Happy Anniversary Keith! I started this a couple of days ago and you’d be surprised how long it actually takes to get it uploaded and going between carpool, concerts, practices. When I told Kevin what I was doing he said shouldn’t I save that for the 25th! I said seeing that I was originally intending to do this for our 20th then figured that best intention went away that I would have an entire year to do one called Twenty And One…such a baller term too. (Notice the blog category I even set apart 4 years ago just for it’s honor) So, I had an entire day last week with Kevin at Baylor’s Latin Day so I sat and took over a table at Panera unmoved and oblivious to all around me. I asked Tiffany if people do this and she said people do! So I did!

I thought I would be all hip and show Kevin that all those years ago we took selfies before we even knew they were called that only for him to be like…that’s all you got!? Any more to choose from? I said no!!! He said it was horrible! He went into great description of what all was missing in our true selfie. I said well good grief by the time we had the roll of film developed you had already gone back to college! Caleigh says: What’s Developed! I said: get to bed!

Then came the fun part of finding all those photos that are not digital. I know I have thousands that are digital but not from us back back back in the day. I set out to scan. I knew if I turned my head sideways and hoped beyond measure that the scanner that once worked would recognize our computer without me trying to tell it to! I did do some serious clicking away and sometimes it would let me scan and other times it was a no. When it let me, I scanned until I thought I covered all the bases I imagined and then slammed those images on a usb and brought them to my laptop. Easy!?

Then the funniest thing happened. I discovered more images from the scrapbooks your mom made you but I must not have been holding my head quite so crooked because it was not going to scan anything even though I was pressing and sending…exasperated I headed to my laptop to just work on what I had and would you believe there was a window open on it asking me did I want to scan any other images!!! Somehow, it took what I thought was “lost images” and beamed them over to my laptop in a my scans folder without my even needing to slam them on my turtle usb drive!!! And all I can say to you is….”How long you been sitting on that one Brick!!” I was about to contact good people in the neighborhood and offer straight cash if anyone could get over here and make the thing work! Why did I ever stop taking those free computer classes! Oh yeah…I have no time. And I probably could use a better word for slamming images…but you know me. That’s what I do. Enjoy this rough draft of the book that will one day be printed once I finish the cover and maybe a few more pages:)

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  1. BETH….I have finally quit laughing and can write. I can totally relate to the scanner…..hold your tongue right and stand on one foot…..if that does not work, call Aisha! I am so proud of you!!! your pages are amazing….wish they did not change so quickly….old lady here….slow reader. I LOVE the Troutmans….and I am so thankful you married, and lived on Valley Palms, and continue to show so many of us what a sweet, God loving marriage looks like! I love you friends….love from your Favorite CMC and Personal Shopper!

  2. This is just the best — the slideshow, and what it took to get it here. 🙂
    Here’s to many more years of memory making for you two! We love you guys!!

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