Checking Out of Life


We headed to this years couples retreat in my new mini cooper convertible! Last year we sat on the dock and a hip young couple took our picture because we couldn’t quite get it but this year I half way got it! At least I captured the beach and the sky. We had a wonderful time checking out of the daily routine of our life…only thing is sometimes you gotta wonder if the re-entry is worth it! Keith coaches me the entire way back with comments like, “give it 30 minutes before saying anything.” Cole did a pretty good job. Other than the brief period of time Caleigh was missing we all survived. I really should have taken a picture of the kitchen when we walked in. It could be the start of a new board on my pinterest…when moms away.

We did enjoy eating this yummy ice cream and watching the world series torn between pulling for the Rangers or Lance Berkman on that other team.

Categories: Twenty And One

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