Rockin’ on the Dock

Keith and I got to get away for our church’s couples retreat at the end of October. We have been married for 21 years. Hence the name of this new category. Twenty And One. Kind of basketbally too. So here we were sitting on the dock of the bay (am I the only one hearing Glen Campbell! My dad played that on his teak reel to reel when I was growing up!) and I was trying to take our picture like my teens do by holding it out and snapping. It wasn’t good. Thankfully a young hip couple walked up and captured the moment. Galveston and The Historic Hotel Galvez in October were a perfect combination. Right across the street is the newly rebuilt (thank you Ike) Murdochs. It is a little shop with this dog trot middle covered with rocking chairs and a beautiful view of the bay. What can I say…Keith is a rocker.

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Categories: Twenty And One

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