Finding Her

Ok…so the next thing on the Graduation Day Agenda was…finding her.  So we are in the Reliant Stadium with 793 graduates and their families and we really didn’t have a plan!  One would have been removed from graduation if they so much as found a cell phone or a camera on them so it was old school and we don’t do old school!  We are spoiled with new school!  But we found her…and it still is such a happy thought remembering all the hugs!  I will put my favorites below because they can say more than anything I could type.

Oh Yeah! We Found Her!

So proud of her Big "Sit-ster" as she use to call her!


Just So Happy!

Kevin, Aunt Sheila, Cole, Ryan, Uncle Roland, and Caleigh!

Aunt Sheila

My Yi Yi! Cousin Ryan


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