Create Space!

Caleigh has taken over the study area outside of the boys rooms since we can remember. She calls it her office. It has always been her happy place but I wouldn’t say it was a happy space in the sense of the word. Let me see if I can find a before picture!


It was always such a clutter! Too overwhelming to even attempt a “ten second tidy!” As you may very well agree! But according to one of my favorite authors I read after when my kids were littler to make me feel normal–Becky Freeman–she says this is why you have an upstairs after you have children so you never have to go up there. What you don’t see will never bother you! Or something like that!

But with the help from a wonderful organized friend, Michelle, we now truly have such a happy place! Caleigh squealed when she saw the buckets and I just got teary at the beautifulness of it all. It’s just too much! Who can do this?! How!? Good grief she is good!!!!!



Caleigh has already hung a clothes line and dangled paper clips with what we will be crafting today. Not to mention she loves to keep her dry erase clean and wanted the disinfectant wipes to remain out. But I wouldn’t allow them because they didn’t match! No way! They can live under the sink. She crafted them up so they match and now are acceptable in the Create Space! Thank you Michelle W! There is no place like this space!


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