His Final Final!

This will be the blog post that has clogged my blogging self all year! I can only conjur why I have delayed; it is called denial! I have walked around all year thinking about blogging Cole’s gradutaion day. I blogged Tiffany’s. I have not been able to bring myself to this place…before my keyboard…until today. I have it in my head so much that when I actually remember that is the only place it is…well…it’s shocking! I set myself a deadline over and over. I told myself to not post another thing until I got this accounted for in my “accidental legacy.” And yet the light hearted and fun posts appeared. Today, however Cole is even as I write this taking his final final of his freshman year at Texas Tech University in Lubbock: Calculus III. So, this is for me. I should be able to do this knowing my boy is coming home this week!!! Of course I can totally let the pictures speak for them selves…and for the record it was actually June 2, 2012.

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