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Spring Break Twenty Thirteen

We decided to find some snow this spring break! Caleigh does not remember seeing any, and since she is our little Alaskan we thought it was time. Too bad the “company” doesn’t still fly us to Alaska because skiing up there would have been do-able too! Instead, we “satellited” out from Lubbock…we grabbed up the college kids and drove to Taos, NM. (Keith if you ever find my blog and read it I will give you all the credit that is a “you” we!) The man loves to be behind the wheel, or maybe he just can’t be in the car while anyone of us is behind the wheel? Hum…

I tried to put some captions on the photos, family, but I will have to find a tutorial or a really nice patient blogger friend to show me how to change the color of the caption! I am thinking white on snow is a no–but what can you do! I know the kids had the best time getting back on their boards for the three older ones, and Caleigh loved learning to ski! Who knew! We pretty much did the camp out with the “stuff” option…hey…even in the Bible David siad to bless those who stayed by the stuff! We had important jobs! I actually kind of kept my eye on the ski patrol waiting for the one time the snowmobile patroller was dragging my kid behind on the stretcher because even though thay attached our cell numbers to their lift tickets…yeah…no real cell coverage to speak of. I thought about skiing again…but I am the one who attracts the out of control skiers and spending my days in Houston traffic deffensive driving and spending my spring break on the slopes deffensive skiing just wasn’t an option for me this year. And I did take my life in my hands just going out to the slopes to get photos. I was even in the area where no one skis and let’s call them “people” still found me and came close to taking me out…I mean really close. Either hit me or die running into the wooden Pergola! Gives me high blood pressure just blogging about it!

All I know is we did not think we would get Caleigh off the slopes! On the last day when she actually did finally come off before we could turn in the rentals she was asking…so when can we come back!? My answer…well, there has to be snow on the ground so it won’t be anytime soon…yeah…that ought to do for now.

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