Hit The Road Jack, Okay, Maybe the Driveway


He says he’s through! He is done playing basketball! Yep, this man was brought down yet again this time by his youngest son, 15 year old Kevin. He went down on Friday. It was a pick up game of one-on-one and Kevin took him 11-4. But not without great effort on Keith’s part. Like the last time a couple of years ago when he fell on our sinking driveway and fractured his elbow, he hopped back up and finished his game. Walked around in denial, I mean pain, before seeing a doctor. Today is Monday. Let’s see the parallels here. Fell. Bounced back Up. Finished the game. Waited to go in. I think after seeing it last night get red and swollen kind of helped. If you are still with me the funny part is yet to come! So, he is at the doctor. They put him in the cast. Sent him out the door. He is right handed. And his right wrist is what is fractured. I totally blame the nurse here, but they sent him out into the parking lot, and he said he stood there looking at his car not being able to even get into it. His keys were in his right pocket. He kept looking around and only was seeing women coming out of the office. Even though it was tempting to flag one down and ask a complete strange lady to reach in his pocket to get his keys….having just recently also recovered from shingles I’m gonna go out there and say his next call would have been from jail!!! So this man had a plan…shimmy the pants around until the right pocket was center and the left hand could retrieve the keys! Now me? I would have already been calling! I tagged this one in the category of “it’s what we do” but clearly that is a “he” “we”…but a most hilarious one at that!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am sorry that I am laughing, but it can’t be helped! At least he didn’t have to resort to laying it out in the parking lot to try to shake the keys out of his pocket; file that under last resort. Very sorry to here the wrist is fractured, especially on his good hand. Yikes.

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