Eraser Dust in a Pew Bible



This amazed me! During church tonight I glance down the pew and saw note taking, doodling, and what looked like a light pencil sketch in the back cover of the pew Bible Cole was holding. At first it looked as though he was connecting the specks of the speckled paper glued on there and I thought I was going to have to get on to my 18 year old graduating senior for misuse of church property! But as I stared, his image popped out! And I still thought he was going to need reprimanding for drawing in the church pew Bible even though I was impressed with his skill. And then I heard whispered these words: “It’s eraser dust.” He drew a self portrait with the eraser on the top of an ordinary black Ticonderoga number 2 pencil on that back inside hard cover of the pew Bible! I can’t help but remember the time I walked in the door having left Keith in charge when he was little and he had taken a purple crayon to the foyer…I wasn’t so much as horrified as I was thrilled that it happened on his watch and not mine! But tonight I was touched. This kid has talent! Someone please tell me who needs an eraser dust sketch artist!!??!!

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  1. LOL! He is very talented. What an interesting way of drawing. Glad you got it photographed or it would never be seen again……. Just beginning for him, Beth. He is a great kid! šŸ™‚

  2. Yep! Totally creative! I’ll never forget during missions conference all those years ago… We were carving soap. Everyone was carving geometric shapes. Not Cole. He carved a perfectly shaped pair of underwear – hollowed out on the inside and everything! Loved it!

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