5 Years Ago Today

January 18, 2007 My dad got “the call!” So we got “the call!”  He was on the list for a liver transplant and received the call to get to Memphis, TN, from their home in small town Enville 5 years ago today.  And today I am still praising the Lord for answered prayer!  It is going to be just one of those times in our lives that time stands still and you can put yourself back right where you were when it all happened.  I know for me I was courtside…sitting in the Doerre gym watching Cole as a 7th grade basketballer but couldn’t really see a thing since I was looking through so many tears! 

When reflecting about it last night at tuck in with my boys they both said they remembered.  I remember that drive back home after spending an after Christmas visit with my parents and knowing when we drove over that beautiful bridge between Tennessee and Arkansas crossing the mighty Mississippi as we made our way back to Texas…that I truly felt peace about the entire thing.  It will be a forever reminder, not that we really need one, that He answers prayer.  And my wonderful brothers and sisters set up watch!  The liver transplant tag team! Steve, Carrie, Keyna, Patti, Bill, Beth, John, and Jim rallied around them.  He use to call us crumb snatchers and we turned into crumb givers!  I know I wasn’t able to be up there for the actual surgery but was the next shift in.  I was thinking how great I had it going up while he was still in the hospital bringing mochas to mom but my dad rocks!  He totally would just jump up out of the bed when anyone would enter the room and shake their hands and just amaze us all. 

So I actually got the “take home from the hospital!!!” We stayed at my niece Courtney’s house who was living there at the time…not anymore by the way but was put there for such a time as this…and I didn’t sleep at all the night before he was coming home because I felt like I just had to clean her already clean home!  I mean my dad has a new organ in his body and they are letting him out so soon!!! And then driving them home from the hospital I felt like Keith when he brought me and newborn baby  Tiffany home from Houston Northwest Medical driving 15 mph on 1960!  Then it dawned on me I had to prepare healthy-new-liver-in-the-body meals!  And I bet it dawned on my parents too…why Beth!  Anyone but Beth!  Even my brothers can cook better than me! 

So I cried through a grocery trip or two but basically just did what ever mom said.  Isn’t that the best phrase.  Mom said.  I learned so much from my precious parents through all of that.  I sill make the wonderful tomato soup mom showed me how to make and think of this everytime!  Of course I totally gave up on the cornbread I think you just must have to have been born in Tennessee to make it like she does.  They are doing great today! They have an iphone and are on facebook!  Constantly keeping up with anything and everything!  Even sent me a text today asking me…remember 5 years ago today?  I will never forget.  So thankful! I Love You Mom and Dad!!! (I know you may never read this because when Kevin was in the hospital I tried to get you to my blog and I started with it’s “www” and mom you interupted me and said, “Oh, we don’t do that!”)

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  1. Thanks for reminding us that God answers prayer. What a blessing to look back 5 years and know that those years and each day that we have are true gifts from the Lord!

  2. Has it really been five years??? That is so hard to believe. What a beautiful way of journaling your thoughts, Beth. May God continue to keep him healthy and strong. He is such a wonderful character! 🙂 It is truly a blessing to have a father. I really miss that…

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