And We Even Helped Them Pack

Well, I pretty much knew January was going to be tough on us with best friends moving. Caleigh’s best friend on the block moved Jan 9 to start an adventure in Chile and Gary and Ruth landed in Houston on the 10th to pack up their house and close on it on the 14th. I just didn’t think it would actually come and go. I have to say the toughest part was fighting those pesky “remembering tears” as I swept their kitchen floor. Memories of such great kitchen table time shared between our families is so precious. The tea times, the cookie making times, and the planning of all kinds times went on right where I was sweeping getting it ready for the new family to move in. Maybe it was exhaustion that helped me stay dry eyed or the thought of the crazy looks I’d get…well, she is just sweeping the floor…but I am so happy for them. And the funny thing, after the uhaul was packed they remembered their attic! We are storing precious Christmas attic stuff for them so they have to come see us before next Christmas. Right? Wait…they’ve spent 4 Christmases in Tampa already and didn’t have this attic stuff!

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  1. Oh… hard to see friends move away…..But, good reason to head to Florida every now and then. And, of course, good reason to BLOG! šŸ™‚

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