Graduation Sen10rs

She is the 2nd to last row! I could tell by the shoes!

June 5, 2010 The actual graduation day!  Here is what it looked like!  She got up early to fix her hair and then carpooled down to the Reliant Stadium with several other classmates to stand in the tunnels for her hair to fall!  Her school rotates with the other 3 high schools each year and this year we got the 9 am time.  I guesss that was a good thing!  All I know is if your child graduates in a class of almost 800 you are lucky to get any photos at all.  I couldn’t find her anywhere in the procession.  Then it dawned on me…her last name starts with a “T”!! (Just how many U,V,W,X,Y and Z’s can there be?) So, who am I kidding…she will really be at the end!  And sure enough she was. She practically missed the entire procession! (We filmed it sweetie!)

This move can only happen after 12 plus years of learning!

It was such a quick process.  They marched in, moved their tassles over, walked across the stage, posed for photos, threw their caps in the air, marched out.

Waiting for her moment to shine with collar and cords around her neck!

 So out of all the action mentioned above

The Mortar Boards went Flying!

I was only given strict orders to capture the throwing of the mortar boards (caps) in the air.  So, I moved my camera setting to the little green running man, aka, sports setting and snapped away!  Surely one would do!  The decision of the day was to be a cap thrower or  not…she was a cap thrower!  And why not be! What a relief after so many years of diligent studying, finishing number 97 out of 793 in the Distinguished Program with a GPA of 4.5 putting her in the top 12% of her class why would you NOT toss that cap…only to be sure you will not walk out with the same one you wore in!  Eh…throw the cap! Someone should have sold extra caps so the family could have joined in the release too!  

(Yep, it’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to!)

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  1. This made me laugh 🙂 The school really should have given yall at least one cap to throw! You went through just as much as i did those 4 years !!

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